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Federal Assembly was founded in 1988 as a tester of TV remote controls.

After achieving ISO certification in 2001, the company gradually expanded its service offering to include assembly, wire harnesses, sorting & inspection, packaging, and warehousing. In 2004, the company acquired Midwest Industrial Services in order to enter the Quality Resident Engineering (QRE) market.

Federal Assembly, which recently upgraded its quality registration to ISO 9001-2008 in 2009, provides customized solutions to each client’s needs. We maintain a staff of full-time skilled employees trained to provide exceptional results. Our personnel can be integrated into your system to act as an extension of you own workforce! We also handle all administrative activities and provide necessary documentation as required by your company.


Quick Facts

• 29 Years servicing our customers
• ISO 9001-2008 certified
• Locally Owned and Operated
• Fast-Turn Around and Competitive Pricing
• Engineering Based Management Team

Facilities and Staff Overview

Federal Assembly operates from a 12,500 square foot facility in Princeton, Indiana with access to additional warehousing and manufacturing space to support our customers.

Plant operations are handled by Henry (“Hank”) Potter, Federal Assembly’s General Manager. Hank has an engineering background and has been with Federal Assembly for 17 years in various roles, prior to that he spent 16 years at Ashland Oil, Inc.

Our Staff

Hank Potter

Plant Manager


John Brown

Plant Supervisor


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